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2023 Retrospective

Ewa Nowak
Ewa Nowak
Posted on Feb 20, 2024

It’s hard to believe that an entire year has gone by already… and then some! The year 2023 was challenging, but we still had many accomplishments and additions to the design system we would like to celebrate. Here’s a quick look back at what the Modus team and Tiger Teams have contributed:

  • We added 5 new components and patterns to Modus. With the help of Tiger Teams and through individual submissions Sentiment Scale, Critical Action Button, RTF Editor, Blue Navbar, Utility Panel are now included in the Modus portfolio.
  • We launched a new table component with advanced features. The new table supports sorting, column reordering and resizing, inline editing, row actions, and much more.
  • We also launched a new Modus website with improved navigation. To better organize our growing list of components and patterns, we redesigned our style guide to aid in findability and navigation.
  • We launched the Modus Icon Library featuring over 1200 icons/. The new icons are consistent, offer two sets (outline and solid), searchable, and available in our Figma library.
  • We launched the Modus Ideas Portal in Aha! to help with submissions and transparency. Now you can submit your ideas directly through the portal, review past submissions, check the status, and up-vote.
  • We expanded our code component offering to include Mobile Code Components in MAUI.
  • We organized and kicked-off the MoAB & Accessibility Forum. The MoAB (Modus Approval Board) reviews all your submissions and Tiger Team proposals weekly and approves all the designs. To make sure all Modus components and patterns meet WCAG 2.2 AA guidelines, the Accessibility Forum now audits and makes recommendations for all existing and new components.
  • We added XR & Desktop Figma UI Kits. The XR library includes both guidelines and Figma UI Kit. We are currently in the process of adding Desktop guidelines to supplement the Desktop UI Kit.
  • We launched the Modus Gallery. You have asked for it and we delivered! The gallery is a showcase of products, screens, and prototypes illustrating how the product teams at Trimble have implemented Modus in their user interfaces.
  • We improved and established processes. To support the growing number of contributors and the increased complexity of our operations, we worked on our processes, operational procedures to ensure efficiency, timeliness, organization, and transparency.
  • We increased engineering contributions. 2023 was a year when we saw the vision and the potential of open-source methodology demonstrate its effectiveness. With over 40 individual contributors, we were able to deliver faster to support your needs.

What’s next in 2024?

We have bold and ambitious objectives for the new year:

  • System Maturity: enable efficiency for product design and development by increasing the value of the design system with new components and features. We intend to especially focus on accessibility, providing audits, and trainings.
  • Modus Adoption: integrate Modus visual style and UI components into Trimble’s flagship and secondary products. By the end of the year, we would like to see 100% adoption for flagship and 50% for secondary products.
  • Cultivating a Community: grow and cultivate a community of engaged adopters, contributors, advocates, and decision-makers. Modus Design System could not function or provide value to Trimble without the amazing Trimble community of UX Designers, engineers, product managers, and stakeholders. We thank you and are committed to continue building more relationship and collaboration!

On a more tactical level, our roadmap includes:

  • Focus on Web Components,
  • Addition of new components,
  • DXP pattern library of web-only components to support our front-door strategy,
  • Usability testing & research repo,
  • Accessibility improvements, trainings & audits,
  • Platform integrations & capabilities (e.g. RDK, notifications).

Thank you so much for your continued support and advocacy! Let’s do this!