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Modus Updates - September 2023

Ewa Nowak
Ewa Nowak
Posted on Sep 25, 2023

Figma Desktop UI Kit

We now have a UI Kit in Figma for desktop patterns. Based on the work of a Tiger Team led by Jeremy Kerbs and modeling after the Fluent system, we now have Trimble components for designing desktop applications. Check out the Modus Desktop UI Kit in Figma.

XR Patterns Modus

With the help of JuanSebastian Gomez and team, we released XR UI Kit in Figma and complementary guidelines. Our initial release includes eight components. Thank you for contributing! Check out Modus XR Components.

Release of the New Table Web Component

We released our new table Web Component with advanced features, such as column reordering, sorting, and fixed header rows. We are currently in the process of prioritizing additional features. The old table is still available, but it is no longer recommended; it will eventually be deprecated. View the full list of features.

Modus Approval Board (MoAB)

In order to help with the increase in submissions and speed up and improve the approval process, Modus now has a board of UX community members reviewing, providing feedback, and approving submissions. Thank you, Randall Stillwell, for leading the board and thank you to all members for your help. Learn more about MoAB.

New Modus Components

Based on the fantastic work of Tiger Teams and submissions, we now have added five new components, patterns, or variants to Modus:

Thank you everyone for contributing! We couldn’t do it without you!

Mobile Code Components

We are hard at work building a mobile code component library in MAUI for our mobile patterns, and we’re happy to announce that we are 77% complete with the work. We currently have 20 out of the 26 controls done. Stay tuned for the first release!

Thank you everyone for contributing to the Modus Gallery in Figma! And thank you, Sara Farhat, for running the project! Help us improve the gallery by filling out a quick survey. Take the survey!

Coming Up Next…

  • New Modus components (Timeline, Floating Toolbar, Color Picker, etc.)
  • Launch of a new Modus style guide site.
  • New and improved responsive design guidelines.

Do you have a question relating to the design system? Would you like to start a discussion about a topic or a pattern you are working on? Join the Modus Chatroom!

If you would like to contribute an article or suggest a topic, send us a note!