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Be a User Profile Menu Tiger!

Sonia Kaukonen
Sonia Kaukonen
Posted on Jun 22, 2023

User Profile Menu - Let’s Align It

What’s behind the user avatar or profile picture token across Trimble products? Developing aligned patterns would benefit our users. We are searching for more contributors to join a Tiger Team to better consolidate user profile menu patterns. Benchmarking the existing patterns to find synergies is vital in this project.

We have the following objectives for the User Profile Menu Tiger Team:

  • Enhancing Trimble product experience.
  • Covering admin mode options.
  • Defining user profile menu content on Trimble websites.

If you are interested in this challenge and want to represent the needs of the products you are working on, please join the Tiger Team!

Join the User Profile Menu Tiger Team by July 6!

Learn more about the Tiger Team process.