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Fill the Gap in a Tiger Team

Sonia Kaukonen
Sonia Kaukonen
Posted on May 21, 2023

Next Tiger Team Starting: Skeletons, Placeholders, and Empty States!

It is scientifically proven that giving users an idea about the upcoming content while it is still loading makes the perceived waiting time shorter. That is what skeletons, placeholder, or empty states are for! We are looking for eager Tigers to contribute and build:

  • Skeletons (placeholders anticipating UI content)
  • Placeholders (space for appearing content)
  • Empty States (in-between moments when there is nothing to display).

We had a grand start with this topic on Animations & Microinteractions Tiger Team but we want more! And we know that some of you are eager to get started with these topics.

Fill the gap in the Tiger Team!

Join the Skeletons, Placeholders, and Empty States Tiger Team by June 6!

Learn more about the Tiger Team process.