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Two Tiger Teams on the Start!

Sonia Kaukonen
Sonia Kaukonen
Posted on Apr 24, 2023

Alerts, Messages, Notifications, and Toasts

We are searching for contributors to join a Tiger Team to improve existing components and provide better guidance for some of our components: alerts, messages, notifications, and toasts!

We have the following objectives for the Component Improvements Tiger Team:

  • Review the current component design and properties of alerts, messages, notifications, and toasts.
  • Provide guidance for designers as to when to use each.
  • Streamline the web, mobile, and in-field specific appearance — these components are especially important and must be well visible and prominent on small screens.
  • Consider component testing to ensure better user experience.
  • Test the components for accessibility (i.e. color contrast ratios).

If you are interested in these components and want to represent the needs of the products you are working on, please join the Tiger Team!

Join the Component Improvement Tiger Team by May 5!

Animations & Microinteractions

The Animations and Microinteractions Tigers have expressed the desire to continue defining animations for more components. In the first round, the Tigers submitted impressive animations for modals, buttons, skeletons, and more. Hungry for more? Then start roaring — and let’s do it!

Join the Animations & Microinteractions 2.0 Tiger Team by May 5!

Learn more about the Tiger Team process.