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Join a Tiger Team!

Ewa Nowak
Ewa Nowak
Posted on Feb 23, 2023

We are searching for contributors to join a new Tiger Teams to generate better guidance for some of our componets.

We have found that there are some usability issues with some of our components:

  • Accordions are sometimes difficult for users to use because they very subtle and the expanding icon can be far from the title. There may also be particular use-cases that are not covered and that Modus does not offer as an option (e.g. warning or error states).
  • The card and modal components are very vague and could use a little more guidanace and templates on the content positioned within.
  • Tabs suffer from being too subtle and we have feedback that they are difficult for users to recognize.

If you are interested in solving usability problems and/or have interest in these components, please join the Tiger Team!

Join the Component Improvement Tiger Team by March 8!

Learn more about the Tiger Team process.