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Join a Tiger Team!

Ewa Nowak
Ewa Nowak
Posted on Jul 12, 2022

We are searching for contributors to join new Tiger Teams.

Icon Review & Revision Tiger Team

We have a set of 350 icons (solid & line) we need to review, revise, and optimize! Do you want to influence the look-and-feel of icons in our Trimble products? Do you love icon design and crave the opportunity to manipulate some vectors?

Join the Icon Review & Revision Tiger Team by July 22!

Layout & Responsive Design Tiger Team

The team will tackle the problem of design integrity across responsive breakpoints. While individual components are responsive, when there are multiple components used in a screen and through a workflow, there is no consistent set rules on how they interact together across a responsive continuum. The goal is to create an initial set of responsive layouts that create consistent rendering behaviors (and possibly options) for Modus components Are you a member of the Trimble UX or engineering community looking to provide experiences across devices/contexts?

Join the Layout & Responsive Design Tiger Team by July 22!

Side Panel Tiger Team

Side panels are a type of control within a UI to allow users additional manipulation, for example, of properties. They can be critical to applications for mobile devices. This team will tackle to standardize side panels across Trimble products, create consistency with navbar and side navigation, and build on guidelines submitted by our own Joey de Wit.

Join the Side Panel Tiger Team by July 29!

Trimble Logos Tiger Team

There is some confusion and inconsistency about the use of the Trimble logos, especially within the navbar component. Although we have some guidelines to aid product teams in using logos, there’s still much to be defined.

Join the Trimble Logos Tiger Team by July 29!

Animations & Micro-Interactions

The team will work on adding micro-animations to user interfaces to enhance intuitivity. Animations provide feedback, create focus, and hierarchy. They have a positive influence on brand identity as well. Are you interested in animations or do you have mad animation skills?

Join the Animations & Micro-Interactions Tiger Team by August 5!

Learn more about the Tiger Team process.