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Modus React Bootstrap V1.1.0

Mahalakshmi Sankaran
Mahalakshmi Sankaran
Posted on Jul 5, 2022

We’re pleased to announce an update to Modus React Bootstrap which is now available with more components.

New Features

Content Tree

A Content tree provides users with a way to navigate nested hierarchical information using a parent-child relationship model. Content tree can be created using the tags TreeView in the root and TreeViewItem for nodes. TreeView supports multi-selection, customization of icons, and the node label, and much more using its API. Tree view is also accessible by the keyboard navigation.

For more details and demos, please refer to the documentation on Content Tree.

File Upload Dropzone

A file upload drop zone component that allows users to upload content from their computer or device into the application by dragging a file (or files) into a target zone. FileUploadDropZone is the tag needed for creating a drop zone. It supports multiple files upload and it can perform basic validation against the files being uploaded using the API inputs. Custom validation is supported too.

For more details and demos, please refer to the documentation on File Upload Dropzone.

Data Table

In addition to the existing Table component we now have a DataTable component. DataTable is a wrapper over the existing Table with advanced features. And it works with a wrapper component called TablePagination which basically uses Pagination. DataTable supports sorting, client-side pagination, column resize and reorder, row selection, cell editing, hiding and filtering columns. More features coming soon.

For more details and demos, please refer to the documentation on DataTable.

Upgraded to Modus Bootstrap v1.5.0

Modus React Bootstrap uses Modus Bootstrap v1.5.0 for styles - check the Modus Bootstrap release notes for full details.


We are happy to accept contributions from the community to improve this project. See the contributing guidelines for how to propose bug fixes and improvements.