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Register for the Trimble UX Summit

Liisa Kause
Liisa Kause
Posted on Oct 21, 2021

Hello Trimble UX community!

Register Now for the UX Summit, November 9 - 11! Virtual & Around the World

If you are familiar with the Trimble Connect & Scale 2025 vision (and we believe you are), you may have wondered how our Trimble product teams are becoming more customer focused: How do we find out what our customers need before they can even ask for it? How can we capture those unmet needs in prototypes that can be validated with customers? How do we create user interfaces that are inviting, consistently branded, easy to learn and use, and allow our users to follow their workflows without even noticing they are accessing different products? How do we fit all this magic into our crammed product development practices and schedules?

In its second UX Summit (this time virtual), the Trimble User Experience community will showcase how we focus on our customers by:

  • Employing best practices for user research,
  • Using agile methods for integrating design and user validation into the development process; and
  • Reporting out on our collaborative experience of building, adopting and growing Modus, our design system platform, which was created as an outcome of our first UX Summit in 2019.

This is a virtual meeting for UX practitioners by UX practitioners and a great opportunity to find out more about our work. We think that the content would be interesting to anyone currently working with UX (PM and Dev), or considering embedding a UX Designer in their product work. We would love to have outside participation and look forward to the dialogue!

Interested? Follow this link to register and receive further information.

View the full program here!

Register here

Thank you and welcome to the world of UX at Trimble!

The Trimble UX Board

Liisa, Marita, Minka, Eric, Ken, Victor and Ewa

Want to learn more at Trimble?

In the true spirit of learning for everyone and everywhere, LearnFest sessions are also scheduled for the same week, brought to you by the Global Learning Solutions and People Development team.

LearnFest sessions are happening November 8 - 11 and open for enrollment. With over 65 courses, this year’s event features many opportunities to learn something new from our global Trimble community. Use your Okta login to enroll now on Learn. Be sure to check out the information about attendee engagement prizes and this year’s pet photo contest.