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Trimble UX Summit 2021

Liisa Kause
Liisa Kause
Posted on Jul 19, 2021

Hello Trimble UX community!

In these times of remote working, each of us in our own home office, can get a little bit lonely sometimes. The advantage is, of course, that everyone is equal, and we have all gotten better and better at interacting online. Getting together and interacting with your peers from other parts of the company would be so lovely, would it not? Well, let’s join forces and together create an online Trimble UX Summit 2021!

We have planned for the event to happen November 9th - 10th 2021. No traveling requirements, so hopefully most everybody can participate. The schedule is still open, but we will try to accommodate for different time zones and there will be recordings of all sessions as well.

In the last UX Summit we had presentations showcasing the style guide work in different parts of Trimble, and since then we have put a lot of work into developing our common Design System, Modus. So we would love to hear your stories about taking Modus into use.

A very central theme in UX work now is helping products become more customer centric, hence the theme for the event: User focused. User driven. How do we put the customer, the user, in the center of design and planning? How have you helped your business and/or your development team with that? Some interesting user research that you’ve conducted? How have you involved product managers and development teams in user centered design work? Just some questions to make you think about what stories you might have to share.

Submit your presentation proposal via this form by August 5th EXTENDED to August 30th. At this first phase you only need to have the title and a short summary, so go ahead and start typing!

Waiting to hear from you soon,

UX Board

Liisa, Marita, Minka, Eric, Ken, Victor and Ewa