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Trimble ID (TID)

Branding the TID Sign-In Page.

For more information, please visit the TID Documentation site. You will need to sign in with your TID to view the site.

Trimble ID (TID) is Trimble’s single sign-on across all Trimble applications. “Trimble ID” is the official terminology used for all customer-facing material. Trimble ID (TID) acts as a Trimble passport that provides users with a seamless authentication experience across the Trimble ecosystem.

Can I Brand the TID Sign-In Page?

In previous versions of TID, there was extensive customization available for all pages related to the login process. This resulted in an inconsistent look-and-feel across Trimble applications. As we begin to focus more on user experience, a consistent look for our sign-in page is needed to convey a sense of unity to our customers. For this reason, there is limited customizability for the TID v4 sign-in page.

Modus components are used to align Trimble UX guidelines and ensure a cohesive and consistent brand experience. The splash screen graphic is brand-approved and not customizable. For more information on branding strategy, please visit Trimble Brand Resources.


Anatomy of the TID sign-in page

  1. Product Name Space (customizable): Your product name will appear here.

  2. Trimble Branded Image Space: This is brand-approved and will be static across all applications.

  3. Native and Social Sign-In Options: This will be static across all applications and devices.

Note: On smaller device screens, only the Trimble logo displays.

Responsive Design

The sign-in page is designed to be responsive so the user experience is unified across all devices. The design adheres to Modus Grid & Spacing guidelines.

Large Screens

For larger screens, such as laptops and devices connected to a monitor, the sign-in panel appears on the screen’s right side.

Large TID Screen

Medium Screens

For medium screens, such as on a tablet, the sign-in panel is centered.

Medium TID Screen

Small Screens

For smaller screens, such as on a mobile device, the sign-in panel looks as pictured below:

Small TID Screen

Find additional resources for branding your sign in page on the TID v4 Documentation site.

What's changed
Date Version Notes Contributors
04/25/2022 1.3.0 New guidelines added and linked to TID v4 Documentation. J. Dong