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Modus 3D

A guide to Trimble’s 3D UX and development patterns

Modus 3D is an initiative of Trimble UX designers and Trimble Technology developers to build and define a common set of interaction and visual patterns for all Trimble 3D applications. We want designers and developers to understand the best practices to provide the tools to easily implement and adopt proven 3D patterns. This effort will provide a unified experience for our customers across Trimble solutions.

To encourage adoption, we have created Modus 3D, a repository of 3D pattern elements available for any designer or developer within Trimble to consume and contribute. Modus 3D contains detailed descriptions of 3D UX patterns and interactive examples showing implementation of a Web3D graphics library.

What are 3D Patterns?

3D patterns are reusable solutions to recurring problems in 3D applications.

The goal

One Trimble

Offer a unified experience to our customers across Trimble solutions. Increase customer satisfaction by using validated experiences.

Upsell & Cross-Sell

Make it easier for customers to try, adopt, and purchase more Trimble solutions.

Modernize & Harmonize

Cherry-pick the best interactions across Trimble to synthesize a modern set of tools and provide parity across our products.

Minimize UX & Development Costs

Save costs, time, and resources of UX R&D and 3D development across Trimble by offering a common index of ready-to-use 3D interactions.

3D UX & Development Tools

To deliver 3D pattern solutions we have created different sets of tools that will help designers and developers understand and reuse 3D patterns.

3D Pattern Guide

The 3D pattern guide is an interactive web-based 3D environment, where patterns are explained in detail. The guide allows users to interact in a 3D space to fully understand a desired behavior or interaction. Each pattern feature is defined including an explanation of its best practices, reasoning, and ways to access. To help users navigate and identify pattern use, individual primary feature 3D pattern sets are divided into their context of use.

  • Model inspection
  • Scene modification
  • Modeling (Object creation and modification)
  • Documenting

Trimble Web 3D Graphics Library

Web3D is a graphics library featuring a reusable extensible graphics environment for viewing and editing 3D content. Using plugins, Web3D supports different model formats, content types using a single unified rendering and interaction architecture.

This is an inner-source project. Contributions are welcomed!

Gestures Tool

Gestures are necessary to give the user control to navigate and manipulate 3D environments. Currently, each of Trimble’s applications has various methods of using gestures; these discrepancies create hurdles for users to switch between applications.

We are compiling all of the existing gestures of Trimble applications and have created a Gesture Tool to solve this problem. The tool allows users to cross-reference the various keystrokes/gestures/mouse clicks used in Trimble applications to suggest the preferred solution.

Innovation Playground

While working on defining the best 3D practices for Trimble we come into contact with new technologies and ideas that are currently non-existent in Trimble’s portfolio. Being an international team of UX designers, developers, and product managers spanning across different products, we have the opportunity to elaborate on these ideas, create connections, and offer new solutions. Some of the initiatives we have been working on include:

  • 3D orientation indicator
  • 3D collaboration and live sharing
  • 3D web-based platform editor

Find additional resources for 3D patterns and implementation on the Modus 3D Documentation site.

What's changed
Date Version Notes Contributors
10/28/2022 1.4.0 New guidelines added and linked to 3D documentation site. P. Borgstein, D. Bedick, D. Donnell, F. Keks, T. Kluyskens, A. Komninos, J. Oczkowski, E. Pilke, S. Sidhu, D. Silcock, T. Sippola, K. Thurlow