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Logo Usage

Trimble logo guidelines and resources.

Trimble Logo

The Trimble Logo Guidelines policy covers the usage and treatment of the Trimble logo and its component pieces (i.e. the Globe/Triangle symbol and the Trimble name logo). The policy applies throughout the Trimble organization, worldwide. In the event that an individual applying this policy is not current on graphic techniques, it is always good practice to seek help from one of Trimble’s marketing communications professionals, who can help in interpreting the guidelines.


Ensure the Trimble logo is applied and used consistently across the company, with appropriate business partners and that the logo and its trademarks are protected as Trimble owned intellectual property.


The provisions of this policy govern the use of the Trimble logo, in any form. No variations are permitted. Please contact Corporate Marketing Communications regarding any issues not addressed by these guidelines.


The rules and guidelines established in this policy detail the management of the Trimble corporate identity. Following are the company’s strongly preferred options; all personnel are expected to implement these options whenever possible:

  • The logo should appear in the official Trimble blue color whenever possible.
  • The full logo (globe/triangle plus name Trimble) should be used whenever possible.
  • Both the Globe/Triangle and the logotype are registered trademarks of Trimble Inc. The ® symbol should be used at all times except when the logo is printed on a Trimble product, Trimble office building sign, or when the logo is too small and the ® symbols look like dots.
  • The logotype “Trimble” should never appear without the Globe/Triangle and their positions as they relate to each other should never be altered.
  • The globe/triangle element may be used in applications where it is not possible to have the full logo present, for example mobile applications, software and social media.
  • When used in conjunction with other logos in the same piece, the graphic impact of the Trimble logo must never be subjugated to other logos, whether product or other company. Influencing factors in applying this rule include location on the page, size, surrounding materials, editorial emphasis, etc.

Color Specifications

The positioning and color specifications called out in the accompanying illustrations should be followed in all instances.

The official Trimble brand color is Trimble Blue from our color specification page.

Trimble Blue

The logo should appear in this color whenever possible and the design of materials in which the logo is used should take into account the corporate preference for the logo to appear in blue.

Where this is not possible, white is the second option. The white logo must be presented against Trimble blue, black or another relatively dark colored background (check contrast to meet accessibility guidelines).


The formal logo for Trimble is the word “Trimble” as presented in the logo artwork. This is a registered trademark and should carry the ® symbol when the registration status is being shown.

The globe/triangle symbol is also a Trimble registered trademark. Therefore, the symbol should carry the ® mark when the registration status is being shown.

In all instances:

  • The artwork provided is to be used – the artwork is not to be recreated or copied.
  • The elements must be specifically positioned as shown below.
  • The globe/triangle symbol should not be used alone, except as noted above.

Logo Padding

Leave half the height of the logo as padding around all 4 sides.

Logo with Padding

For mobile applications, software and social media uses, where only the globe/triangle element is being used, logo padding can be reduced to 0.1 x of the height.

Trimble Globe with Padding

Logo Design & Spacing

A. The height of the word “Trimble” matches the height of the globe

B. The type face “T” does not overlap the right point of the triangle, the registration mark does not overlap the globe

C. The registration mark does not overlap the “e”

Trimble Logo with Spacing

Download here: Logo Dispensary Contact for additional information.