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Color Palette

The Modus palette is based on the Trimble brand colors.

The following colors can be used for UI elements. When using colors, make sure the color contrast is high enough to meet accessibility standards.

Color Palette

Primary Palette

Trimble apps use a primary palette consisting of blue and yellow, together with various shades of “steel” or blueish gray. These colors have been the basis of Trimble’s corporate identity and come in four main colors: blue, yellow, light gray, and dark gray.

Blue and neutral progression colors are used as primary UI colors in Trimble products. Additional colors (such as the Trimble yellow, red, and green) are used sparingly and purposefully, usually as accent colors only.

Trimble Blue Dark
Trimble Blue
Trimble Yellow
Trimble Gray

Blue Progression

Trimble default color theme are based on blues and grays. Blue progressions are often used as the primary application color, frequently featured as primary button color and application nav color.

Blue Dark
Trimble Blue
Blue Light
Blue Pale

Neutral Progression

Neutral progressions are used as background and text colors, borders, and button colors. Trimble Gray is the primary text color. Gray 6 is used as a secondary text color and default icon color. Gray Light is a background color for panels.

Trimble Gray
Gray 10
Gray 9
Gray 8
Gray 7
Gray 6
Gray 5
Gray 4
Gray 3
Gray 2
Gray 1
Gray 0
Gray Light
Screen & panels background 

Yellow Progression

Yellow progressions are used as a secondary color in applications. They can be used for a high-visibility primary button. Use sparingly as highlights to draw attention. Yellow Dark is used as the primary warning color. Yellow should never be used as text color. Yellow Pale can be used as a background color for warning containers.

Yellow Dark
Warning Color 
Yellow Light
Yellow Pale

Red Progression

Red progression should be used sparingly as a warning color to indicate critical actions, notification of a system failure, error, or action failure.

Red Dark
Danger/ Error Color 
Red Light
Red Pale

Green Progression

Green progression should be used sparingly as a color indicating success, positive notification, or as a highlight only.

Green Dark
Success Color 
Green Light
Green Pale

Special Case Colors

Colors that are only used for particular purposes.

Highlight Blue
Replaces Trimble Blue in Dark Mode Only 

In-Field Global Colors

The In-Field global palette is used in all in-field and on-machine products, and will no change regardless of brand. These colours shall not change to suit any specific product. They establish a consistent colour language and convey the universal usage of fundamental UI elements.

  • The Global Color Palette consists of these categories:
  • Guidance Indication
  • Operational States
  • System Status
  • Autos
  • Messaging (alarms, alerts, notifications, etc.)

Note: Success dark background should only be used with a dark outline and when state needs to be clearly visible, like the on-grade state. The secondary color for light mode is Gray 9 not Gray 6 for higher contrast.

Success Dark background
Success Light background
Includes focus state 
Avoidance Zone
Used only for high contrast areas. 

Text Color Use Examples

Text Color Palette

Extended Trimble Color Palette

What's changed
Date Version Notes Contributors
10/19/2021 1.2.0 New brand colors published. T. Bernard, E. Bohn, E. Gunther
11/23/2020 1.0.0 Neutral progression reduced; yellow, red, and green progressions added. M. Heighway, E. Bohn, L. Cook, A. Eidam