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Tooltips provide a short description of a page element or control.

XR Interfaces are bound to interaction types and ergonomic requirements. Modus XR Tooltips are segmented in 2 different types. They follow the same specifications, but might require to add to them additional behaviors.


  • Do not provide interactive elements on top of tooltips.
  • Do not provide links as part of tooltips’ texts.

UI tooltips are bound to touch UIs cater touch specifications with UIs placed by default at 50cm (~20 inch) from users.

  • Visible on hover state
  • Non-interactive
  • Themes
    • To improve visibility over UI, XR tooltips’ themes have been inverted in their values.

Object tooltips are usually locked to virtual objects or spatial interfaces, therefore their readability might depend on users approaching the object or spatial interface.

  • Attached with an anchor to a specific spatial UI part
  • Visible based on the context of the experience
  • Theme
    • Consistent with UI experience