Buttons are interactive elements that trigger an action or an event.


  • All buttons should be interactive and perform an action.
  • They should be discoverable, easy to identify, and specific.
  • Provide voice command label to ease interaction.
  • If using multiple buttons, label them distinctly.
  • The size of the buttons should be used in proportion to the context and content around it.

Touch = UIs placed at 50cm (~20 Inch) from users

Buttons are bound to ergonomic requirements, do not scale them below 24mm. Scaling up beyond 60x60mm should foresee a full-hand push as common interaction.

ExampleHeight (px or mm)Use Case
SmallPrimary Button 24px = 24mmTertiary Actions (i.e. Close or More)
DefaultPrimary Button 32px = 32mmPrimary Actions, Modals
LargePrimary Button 48px = 48mmFree Floating Actions