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Transactional Emails

Auto-response emails that follow an action by a subscriber or user.


Transactional emails consist of a subject line, sender’s email address, preheader, header, content, and a footer. They need to be functional on any device and email client.

Deliverability and Meta Information

While the content of the transaction email is most important, the meta information is what influences the recipient to open and read the message. It is also the way that email clients handle and display your information.

Email Subject Lines: The subject line clearly and succinctly explains the reason for the email before the user opens it. It should be informative, free of jargon, and refer to the relevant system and product, if possible. It should be no more than 50 characters. While not always possible, a good goal is to try to convey all of the relevant information in your email’s subject so that the recipient doesn’t even need to open the email.

For example, this subject clearly identities the source and reason the user is receiving the email, with the product or solution.

GOOD: “Device 2 needs calibration - Product Name”

BAD: “Trimble Product Name - Device calibration alert”

If you are not using the product or software name in the “from” address, you should begin your subject line with the product or solution name. The rest of the subject line should be used consistently and identically for that type of transactional email.

For example:

  • SysQue Product Notification
  • SysQue Password Reset
  • SysQue System Outage
  • SysQue Support Ticket Received

Send From Name and Email Address: Use either the Trimble Product or Division Name. All emails should be sent from Trimble subdomains (, and should not be sent from the primary domain ( It is also recommended that the domain used to send transactional emails is different from the domain for sending marketing emails, as the marketing emails may dilute the sender’s domain reputation. It should include a human-readable sender name to aid in scanning through the inbox. If you are using the product name in the “from” name, you can omit it from the subject line.



To secure a subdomain, submit your proposed domain name to the the Corporate Web team for approval based on the availability and the nature of the subdomain, and then work with the IS team to configure various DNS settings (SPF/DKIM/DMARC).

Reply-to Email Address: If possible, avoid using “no-reply” email address. Ideally, the user can reply to the email and the reply will be sent to a monitored inbox.


OK (if unmonitored):


In cases when you must use a “no-reply” email address, we recommend including language in the email footer to provide the recipient with instructions for replying.

For example:

“Please, do not reply directly to this email. If you’d like to contact us, email us at”

Preheader: A summary text that follows a subject line when the email is viewed in an inbox. Email preheader text is what many mobile, desktop, and web email clients show readers to give them an idea of what’s inside the message before they actually open it.

Design, Content, and Brand

The primary page structure of an email includes graphics, background, content area, and footer. Transactional emails need to be responsive and functional on any device and in any email client.

Font Type and Color Open Sans is the font used in transactional emails. Trimble Gray (#363545) is the default font color.

Graphics Following delivery best practices, transactional emails should not include any graphics, with the exception of the Trimble logo in the upper left hand corner of the email. This can be a single logo, or a co branded logo, above the main content box.

  • Logos should be .png type files
  • Logos should have a height of no more than 20 pixels
  • Logos may be the single Trimble logo, or the Trimble logo with a divisional or product logo
  • No email should have a divisional or product logo without the Trimble logo
  • Logos should be placed outside of the main content canvas, in the frame of the email.

Background Background color should be Gray Light (#f3f3f7).

Content Area The white canvas area of the email will hold the content and main message of your email. The content may include the following:

  • Header required
  • Subheader optional
  • Message required

Header and Subheader Headers and subheaders help with visual hierarchy and allow the user to quickly understand the content when skimming. They should be short and concise and follow these guidelines:

  • Headers should be left aligned, 24 point font, Open Sans font, in Trimble Gray
  • Headers should follow a common structure, for every email of that same purpose having the same heading, for example “Scheduled Maintenance”, or “Password Reset”, etc.
  • Subheaders should be left aligned, 18 point font, Open Sans font, in Trimble Gray

Message: The message provides information about the system’s status and any additional actions the user needs to take to complete the action. The content of the email includes a salutation, message, and optionally buttons or links.

Footer: The footer contains the end of the primary page structure, alongside our standard Trimble sign-off and content. The footer contains copyright information, links to privacy policy and terms of use, and physical address of a relevant Trimble office.


A transactional email is triggered automatically by the user’s action within the application or by a change in the system that may affect the user’s experience or ability to use the system. The emails need to be responsive and functional on any device and in any email client. The footer should be the same on every email.


  • The subject line should be no more than 50 characters.
  • Make sure the subject line is informative, clear, free of jargon, and refers to the relevant system/ product. Clearly identify the source and reason the user is receiving the email.
    • GOOD: “Device 2 needs calibration - Product Name”
    • BAD: “Trimble Product Name - Device calibration alert”
  • Headers and subheaders should be title case
  • Headers should be no more than 3 to 5 words in length
  • Subheaders should provide context to the email and be no more than two lines in length
  • A successful transactional email is
    • Easy to view and comprehend
    • Focused on the primary action
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