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Toolbar consists of a series of icon buttons occupying minimum workspace.


  • Using secondary icon-only buttons at 32x32 is recommended. See Buttons.
  • To provide a distinction of the floating toolbar and create the floating effect, a shadow (Level 3) is used. See Shadows & Depth.
  • The icon buttons can be aligned as a row (horizontally) or as a column (vertically).
  • Vertically aligned toolbars float on top of the content and are usually located on the left or right side of the screen; horizontally aligned toolbars float at the top or bottom of the application window.
  • The spacing between separated buttons is 4px.
  • Icon buttons which are combined together have only outer corners of the toolbar rounded.
  • Toolbar consisting of combined icon buttons can group related controls separated by a divider.


  • All buttons within the toolbar should have the following states:

    • Default
    • Hover
    • Pressed
    • Disabled
  • All icon buttons should display a Tooltip on hover.

  • Make sure the controls are placed and grouped in a logical order.