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Toasts provide non-intrusive, short-lasting contextual feedback to the user.


  • Include the role="alert" attribute.
  • Toasts should not be visually hidden if they are not being used. If you do not want a screen reader to pick up a toast, use the aria-hidden='true' HTML attribute and/or {display: none;} in your CSS.
  • When constructing a toast message, consider how it will be read by a screen reader:
    • Write out dates, e.g., December 1, 2018 and not 12/1/2018.
    • Avoid non-text symbols like “/” and “+”.
    • When describing a date or time range use “to” instead of “–”.
  • Toasts should be used sparingly and only in instances that warrant removing the user from their current task. Too many toasts can be disorienting to users with cognitive issues.