Toasts provide non-intrusive, short-lasting contextual feedback to the user.


Toasts display low priority, event-driven feedback which usually doesn’t require any user interaction. They appear for a set time and disappear automatically. They are appropriate for informing the user about action confirmations without being intrusive or infer unnecessary attention (e.g. “Message Sent” or “Changes Saved”).


Use when

  • Notifying the user of global information, such as a change in server connection status.
  • Confirming the success of a global action.
  • Displaying quick snippets of information that disappear on their own after a set amount of time has passed.


  • Email 1
  • Email 2
  • Email 3
  • Email 4
  • Email 5
  • Toasts notify the user of global actions, such as deleting a set of emails, and can offer the user a chance to undo that action in case of user error.

    Don’t use when

    • Displaying critical information that require immediate user action. Instead, use an alert
    • The information being displayed is highly contextual to the user action.
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