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Sliders allow users to make selections from a range of values.


  • Always use with a label, even if that label is hidden.
  • When a label is visible, it should clearly communicate the purpose of the range input and its values (min, max, step, value).
  • Label sliders as optional when input is not required.
  • Validate input as soon as users have finished interacting with a field (but not before).
  • Always use with two text field components when range slider has dual thumbs to provide accessible alternatives to both the lower and upper thumbs.


  • Adjust a slider’s value(s) by clicking and dragging its handle(s), or by clicking anywhere on its bar.
  • Hovering over an active slider’s handle will change the default cursor to the grab cursor; clicking will change it to the grab cursor.
  • Changes made with sliders are immediate.


Element Property Color
Slider Bar Background Trimble Blue Dark Mode Blue
Thumb Background White White
Label Text (Optional) Color Trimble Gray White