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Sentiment Scale

Sentiment scale is a way to collect user feedback fast.


A sentiment scale is an instant, engaging, and typically easy-to-use way to collect user feedback using a series of emoticons. An emoticon (smiley symbol) is universally understood and provides accurate experience feedback. On a typically five-tier emoticon rating scale, users instinctively select the level of positive, negative, or neutral expression that reflects their experience with a user interface. The clarity of sentiment scales promotes a high response rate to increase user satisfaction and define insights for future improvements.

Sentiment selection in hover state:

Sentiment Scale example

Sentiment selection in selected state:

Sentiment Scale example


Use when

  • Collecting instant feedback in an efficient manner right after interaction, typically with a mobile app or website.
  • Exploring if online help articles provide users with the information they need to be successful when using a product or service.

Don’t use when

  • In-depth qualitative feedback needs to be measured that cannot or should not be measured quickly and superficially.
  • Complex technical context is required to explain the question.
What's changed
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04/26/2023 1.0.0 New component added. E. Gunther, A. Infante, S. Kaukonen, E. Nowak