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Rich Text Format Editor

Rich Text Format (RTF) Editor allows the user to style fonts and layout in a text area field.


The Rich Text Format (RTF) Editor is a design pattern consisting of a toolbar with an input text area. It allows the user to style the text by selecting the font family, font style, font weight, and the font size. The user can also align paragraphs, use bullet or numbered lists, or insert links into the text area with a user-defined link text.

RTF editor


Use when

  • Text formatting is needed, such as:
    • Font family, style, weight, and size.
    • Paragraph alignment.
    • Bullet or numbered lists.
    • Adding or editing links with link text.

Don’t use when

  • Text formatting is not needed.
What's changed
Date Version Notes Contributors
05/24/2023 1.0.0 New component pattern added. E. Gunther, S. Kaukonen, C. Rodriguez