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The web library of Modus components is specific to web-based applications.


The web library of Modus components is a set of building blocks for designing and developing cohesive, consistent, and responsive web-based applications and workflows. Web-based applications utilize web browsers and web technology to perform tasks. Since web apps run on browsers, they require an internet connection to use.

Use these patterns if your application runs in a browser on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet and/or smart phone under normal lighting and environmental conditions. If your application runs specifically on a smart phone, use the Mobile Components instead. If your application is used on a mobile device in the field or in a cab of heavy machinery, use the In-Field Components instead.

Modus Web UI Kits

Modus Web UI Kits are available for Figma and Adobe XD for designers.

Supported Frameworks

Web patterns and components are currently available in three frameworks:

You may also find links to relevant implementations on the right nav within each component.

Note: Not all components are available in code in all frameworks.