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Buttons are interactive elements that trigger an action or an event.


  • Buttons have role of button. Using a native HTML button or input type="submit" element is a better choice than creating a custom ARIA button.
  • Buttons should have accessible labels. By default, the accessible name is computed from any text content inside the button element.
  • A button should be triggered by pressing “Spacebar,” “Enter,” or “Return.”
  • The mouse cursor should be a hand icon (cursor: pointer).
  • Disabled buttons should have aria-disabled set to true.
  • When placing a button on a color other than standard background colors (Gray Light or White), make sure the colors of all states (except for disabled) still meet color contrast accessibility standards.
  • When an action cannot be undone and/or is potentially destructive, use critical action buttons which require users to click and hold the button for a defined amount of time.