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Scrollbars allow user to scroll content within a window.

Scrollbar Example


The scrollbar is for both showing a user that content in a container overflows and for the user to control the scrolling content of that container. Always offer a scrollbar if an area has scrolling content: do not rely on auto-scrolling or on dragging. Scrollbars can be both vertical and horizontal. However, avoid horizontal scrolling, if possible.


Use when

  • An area has scrolling content.

Don’t use when

  • All the content is visible.
  • Horizontal scrolling can be replaced with a better option.
What's changed
Date Version Notes Contributors
01/16/2023 1.0.0 New component added. D. Bedick, E. Bohn, N. Cadsawan, E. Gunther, I. Perez, J. A. Provin Silva, L. Saenz, C. Starbird, R. Stillwell, S. Kaukonen, N. Byati