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Bottom Navbars

Bottom navigation bars allow movement between primary destinations in an app.


  • Availability of navbar items to assistive technology requires the use of aria-controls.
  • Navbars must be contained in <nav> elements with unique accessible labels for each navigational element on the page, if there’s more than one.
  • The name of each item should include the attribute role="button".
  • Provide a label for all menu items that can be read by assistive technologies. You may use visually-hidden text or add an aria-label to each menu item. If you need the menu item name to be translatable, use visually-hidden.
  • When a navigation item is tapped, provide visual feedback to the user that the item is selected: The active indicator appears and the icon state changes from default to selected.
  • When hovered, the active indicator appears, providing a visual cue to the user that the destination is interactive.
  • If the bottom navbar is the only interactive element on the screen, initial focus should be directly on the first navigation item.
  • “Tab” focus lands on the first navigation destination. “Space” / “Enter” selects the focused navigation destination.
  • The accessibility label for a navigation item should typically be the same as the destination name.