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Notifications provide unobtrusive, short-lasting, contextual feedback to the user.


  • Notifications typically convey the status of the system.

  • A Notification also may be used to convey the resulting status of an action the user has taken. For example, if the user takes some action or undertakes a task, upon submit a Success, Warning, Error, or processing/loading may be communicated to the user via a Notification

Size Example Height
Heading & Text

Example of a Notifications Spec

Heading & Icons

Example of a Notifications with Icons


Note: All items spacing are 20dp. Incab size only, see mobile for smaller options for in-field if required.


There are two types of Notifications:

  • Basic toast message with heading text only.
  • When more information is required add sub-text.
State Example

Example of a Success Notification


Example of a Information Notification


Example of an Loading Notification


Example of a Alert Notification


Example of a Error Notification


  • Swipe right to dismiss or press the close button
  • Toasts fades out automatically 3 or 6 seconds depending on the importance


  • Keep titles three to five words if possible.
  • For titles, use title case and capitalize prepositions of four letters or more.
  • Messages should tell the user what’s happening in friendly, non-technical language.
  • If the message requires a user to take action in order to continue or complete a task, use an Alarm instead.
  • For messages, use full sentences with punctuation. Use sentence case.