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Notifications provide unobtrusive, short-lasting, contextual feedback to the user.

Example of a Notifications


A notification displays information that is helpful but not essential. It doesn’t interrupt the user’s work. A notification is fleeting.


Use when

  • You need to display minor information that is “nice-to-know” but does not require the user to take any action. Examples include the current progress of something the user has initiated or the correct process to follow if a user action was unsuccessful.

Don’t use when

  • The user should attend to the issue but can carry on working for a time until the issue is resolved and/or the UI can sensibly be rendered while the issue is in play. Use a Prompt instead.
  • There is a system critical action the user must take. If the user should stop work and immediately attend to a problem or error, use an Alarm.


Basic notification with heading text only.

Notifications example 1

When more information is required add sub-text.

Notifications example 2

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