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Lists are made of list items. A list can be used to display content related to a single subject.

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Lists are used to present information in well-formed and organized way. The user can view or take action on list line items.

A list displays related content in a vertical format. A list is typically the focus of the screen and composes the main body of the screen layout. Lists are composed of list items.

List items should be of a similar and obvious category of information (i.e., a list of design files, or a list of point locations). A list item contains at least a label in a consistent format that helps the user to scan and read the content efficiently.


Use when

  • Creating vertical navigation.
  • Displaying options within a menu.

Don’t use when

  • Displaying tabular data. Instead, use a table.
  • Making lists of uncategorized information. Use groups of list items to organize similar content.


There are two kinds of lists: standard and spaced. Spaced lists are for in-field experiences that need larger tap target area to prevent users from choosing the wrong item.

lists types

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