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Alarms tell the user of a critical system problem.


Type Example


Note: In-cab sizes only. See mobile patterns (coming soon) for smaller options for in-field.

  • Persistent: Yes.
  • Visibility: Full Screen. Remains visible until acknowledged.
  • Actions: May include one button (e.g. OK) or two (rare).
  • Shade rest of screen: N/A - alarm is a full screen message.
  • Audio: One long continuous beep on entry.
  • Message Center: Recorded in the log. Active until resolved, badge number on bell.


  • Alarms indicate that a show-stopping condition exists. The operator may NOT continue to work.
  • The system is unable to function until the underlying issue is addressed. Unresolved alarms will also appear in the Alarms & Alerts message tray under the Bell icon in the Action bar.
  • Unresolved alarms that are related to onboard devices, or other configuration errors will result in red Dashboard tiles.
  • Unresolved alarms may also result in error messages in other sections of the software.


  • Messages should be brief, written in full sentences with proper punctuation.
  • They should provide the user with helpful, contextual information about a possible action or a set of data.