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Creating a culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

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As a Modus subscriber, you are invited to the Modus chat room, where you can ask questions, lead discussions, and learn more about the design system.

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Modus is a Community Effort

Modus is owned and created by the Development Community of Trimble. With your contributions, the system can constantly get updated and improved. Contributions may include a new design element, a set of icons, an expression of an existing element in a pattern library for a new design tool, or the addition of Modus components in a new development stack. Your contribution may also be in a form of feedback or a request for features that would make Modus more useful to you. Trimble community member contributions are what make Modus great! Thank you for your continued support!

The Modus Community

The Modus design system strives to follow a distributed model in order to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing. The Trimble community of enthusiastic and knowledgeable designers and developers are an essential and intrinsic part of the design system, and it relies on your active contributions. Modus design guidelines run an open-source model, where everyone is allowed and encouraged to contribute, but contributions are managed and curated by a design system product manager and a community-sourced set of advisors, the curators.

If you want to join engineering-specific discussions about the contributions, join the GitHub Discussions.


Modus users are members of the Trimble community who use the design system for guidelines, design assets, and code libraries. Anyone can be a user, and we encourage users to participate and provide feedback.


Contributors are members of the Trimble community, who contribute their time and expertise to the design system. Your contributions are highly valued and encouraged. You can contribute by

Design System Product Manager

The design system product manager coordinates with the with the Modus Advisory Committee that helps with design system governance, prioritization, and funding support. The product manager is responsible for

  • curating and maintaining the content,
  • prioritizing features and the backlog,
  • establishing processes and governance,
  • coordinating between users and contributors.

The Trimble UX Council

The members of the Trimble UX Council are elected by the community of UX practitioners. They represent the diverse community and help elevate and organize the growing user experience practice, by overseeing horizontal initiatives, such as community engagement, best practice development, design standardization (both styles as well as process), mentorship, career development, and the representation of the UX practice to the greater product development organizations of Trimble. The Trimble UX Council oversees the Modus design system as one of its key initiatives.

Transparency of Progress

Modus aims to maintain open communication as to its progress. We readily share updates, Modus Design System backlog, and Modus Web Components backlog with the community.

What’s New

The latest updates on Modus guidelines, components, documentation across platforms, calls to join Tiger Teams, and other Modus-related news.