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The One Trimble Design System

Modus (noun) ˈmōdəs' : a mode of procedure : a way of doing something

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The latest updates on Modus guidelines, components, documentation across platforms, calls to join Tiger Teams, and other Modus-related news.

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Why a Design System

Our design system helps us work together to build great digital experiences for Trimble customers. Its purpose is to unify and create alignment among a vast array of applications and teams through common visual language and consistent design solutions.

Design Consistently

Standardized design components focus teams on creating better user experiences and allow our customers to flow between Trimble applications seamlessly.

Improve Usability

Consistency in interface design improves usability, and with built-in accessibility considerations, the design system makes your product and its content more inclusive.

Scale Design

Solving problems systematically with a common language to unify products and create consistent user experiences between different Trimble products.

Prototype Faster

Working with an existing design system allows you to quickly piece together flows and interactions by providing essential building blocks.

Iterate More Quickly

Using a design system reduces effort in making changes allowing for a painless and more efficient iteration process.

Manage Debt

Design and technical debt is accumulated by an overabundance of non-reusable and inconsistent styles and conventions, and the impossible task of maintaining them.

Modus is a shared source of truth–a place to reference official Trimble patterns and styles. It includes foundational guidelines and components. It serves product managers, designers, and developers as a repository of everything they need to plan, prototype, and develop better products. It’s a living system and at its core are your contributions.

How to Contribute

Trimble Modus Design System is the result of community contributions, and we are constantly working to make it better. We welcome your feedback as well as design patterns, code, ideas, articles, and user research. Explore some ways to contribute to Modus.

Interested in contributing?

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